Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Not a Morning Person!

Now...I'm sure I'm biased but these little girls sure are cute.  But...our littlest is not so cute and not so fun at 4:30am.  For the past week or so our sweet Clarita has been waking up well before the sunrise and screaming in her crib.  She just wants to hang out and start her day....oh...and then she prefers to spend her days screaming at us since we don't understand exactly what it is that she wants exactly when she wants it...good times.

I've never really been a morning person.  Obviously, with 3 little ones running around that doesn't matter any more.  I'm not opposed to getting up early now and I'm always very productive when I get in the studio as soon as everyone is off to school...but before 5...I'm shot for the rest of the day.  Especially since I've been going to bed much too late recently.  Tonight it's time to get back on track....early to bed....since I'll be early to rise.

No pots today....I won't even fake it with pics of pots that I made before the holidays.  I should start to stress out soon since Baltimore is approaching quickly.  Luckily, I got a good deal of work done in December that I'm pleased with.  The first pots of the year should appear tomorrow....should.  

The wheels are clean, the tools are clean and the shelves have some space.  I'm starting to run out of excuses so I better start making some work.

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abigail said...

such great photos!!!
get some sleep.