Saturday, February 28, 2009

Funny Video

This is a funny video.  

Town of Pollution

Javi's school is right near the police station in town.

I took these pics with my phone a while ago because they were too good to pass up.

I meant to post this in the fall when I took the pictures...maybe I did...I can't remember.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cape Cod Potters Show

Tonight is the opening of the Cape Cod Potters show at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.  Thanks to our juror Dan, I have a few pieces in the show.  It's mostly my older salt-fired work.  I hadn't finished my new reduction ware before the application deadline.  I had to track down most of the pots from my clients and spent a good day or two breaking into their summer homes to find the pots....with their permission....I think.

These two were supposed to be in the show as well but I couldn't track down the owners in order to have them shipped....bad luck.  

It should be a nice reception tonight.  A lot of people have been working hard for a couple of years to get this show organized at the museum and it will be nice to get together with fellow potters.  There might even be a few fellow potter/bloggers there as I still get to call myself a blogger with the lack of posting?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 Good Things

I just got an email from Gay Smith letting me know of a workshop she's putting on in Tuscany.  Pottery  & Tuscany...that sounds nice to me.  Here's the link to sign up!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fear and Change of Plans

Well....I'm not in Baltimore.  I should have been setup by now but I am sorry to say that I backed out of the show at the last minute.  

Fear of this economy took over any rational thoughts about doing the show.  

For customers and wholesale accounts who were planning on stopping by I apologize.  I will be uploading all of my new work to our website shortly and will be sending out an email when they're ready.  

What's next....who knows?

Once again....sorry.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad Blogger...Bad Blogger....Bad Blogger

If blogging was my job I would be in a lot of trouble by now.  I seem to have lost my blogging mojo.  Can I blame it on winter?  I'm kind of done with winter but I guess I don't really have a say in that matter.  

I've been steadily, although somewhat slowly, plugging along in the studio.  I have caught up on everything that was hiding under plastic and even have a new round of pots suffocating under dry-cleaning bags.  I'm another week closer to Baltimore and my plan of being done well ahead of time is being slowly destroyed by my knowledge of the extra time set aside.  

Today should be my last day to throw anything new.  I have a few small orders remaining that need to be taken care of and a few other pieces on my "want to make" list.  Then the rest of the week will be a never-ending sequence of bisque firing, waxing, mixing glazes, glazing, endlessly cleaning my hands, realizing that my hands have cracked open, dipping said cracked hands into more cold buckets of glaze, loading a kiln in the freezing cold with said cracked and cold hands until finally I can light the pilots.  

Then....hopefully I clean up my studio a bit....get some reclaim going and paint the booth walls one more time. you can tell, I'm entering my least favorite part of the least until I can unload the kiln.  Maybe that's why I always frantically spend an extra day or two making pots that I know won't fit into the firing....procrastination by working...quite ironic.

Since words can be boring....especially in a blog posting, enjoy the pics below.  These are all pots recently given clemency from their plastic homes along with some close-ups as I play with my new camera's macro setting.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Drying Management

Here you go Brandon....pots hanging out under plastic.

I'm just about done catching up with the pots that have been hanging out under plastic since Thursday.  I'm at the "lost in the studio" phase right now.  I have a few more pots to make for this firing.  A few of them orders and a few of them pots for specific spots in the kiln.  I'm having trouble getting it together in there.  

I'm somewhere between close to be ready for Baltimore and close to having a freakout that I will never be ready.  It's still a few weeks away but it's school vacation week just before I leave for the show.  I'm trying to get the firing done and any booth work done ahead of time so I actually have that week off with the kids.    We'll see.  Like I said...I'm just about caught up with what needs tending to right now.  I'm hoping to throw some decent pottery tonight.  

I'm heading down to NYC tomorrow to catch a NY Rangers Game at MSG with an old friend. I'm taking the train down from Providence which will be nice and Penn Station is a pretty convenient place to end up considering our plans.  

As soon as I find my brain in the studio I'll start getting some more regular postings back up here...perhaps I left it under some plastic somewhere.