Monday, July 13, 2009

SummerTime Happenings

Post Originally Started 7/13...finished & posted a week later.

Well, there's not much happening here in the studio now. That's incredibly strange because it's the complete opposite of what I'm used to during the summer. Instead of being in the gallery 6 days a week and trying to refill empty shelves with fresh pots, I'm slowly winding down the studio here on the Cape. I've been trying to write a lengthy post for the blog, my website and to put on the door here as finish up but I haven't been able to phrase things quite right. I guess that post will have to wait a little while longer.

One of the main points of this move is to get away from the seasonal nature of what a business on the Cape is all about. It's been a joy to have a studio and shop on Main Street of a busy destination town. Although, with that good-fortune comes the trade-off that I'm inside the gallery during the best months of the year here.

For the first time since I started the shop in 1998, I've been enjoying all of the reasons that people come to Cape Cod...

I've been putting off my final firing before the big move...I guess I've been blocking out the reality of it all. If I don't get it taken care of soon I'm going to run out of time. It's only about 1 1/2 weeks until I disconnect the electric kiln and get it ready to get on the moving truck. I better get to finishing up work in the studio so I can start packing up shop.


abigail said...

holy shit, you blogged!
still love those photos. :)

Keith said... only took me a couple of weeks to start it and one week to finish it.

maybe i'll find something to say again soon.

abigail said...

having nothing to say never really stopped me.
I hope you blog about your adventures in east Texas.

abigail said...

wait, is Austin even in east Texas? I need to look at a map.