Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Going On?

I just got my formal introduction to Texas weather. No, not the searing heat that we were welcomed with in August when we first moved. On Sunday it was 76º and absolutely beautiful. Tuesday, it snowed...or as my brother likes to say, it snew. It kind of makes sense as the past tense to me now. And today, it was 55º and gorgeous again by the afternoon.

We've had a great couple of weeks here. This past weekend we celebrated my son's 7th birthday. It was actually more like the entire week and he had a blast the entire time. I guess we're Texan now because this was one of his presents:

Although, if we were really Texans, I guess it would be a real one.

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Anonymous said...

you said it before me... that it would be real... looks like he's having a riot though