Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Won!

Who said that Twitter is a waste of time?

Well, while I was wasting time on said website I noticed that had some free tickets to Gilberto Gil's show over at UT. I was the 2nd person to reply so I won I pair of tickets. In addition to this lucky moment of the day, we were also able to find a babysitter for the evening so Evangelina got to see a pretty great show.

We parked on Campus and I had no clue where the Hogg Auditorium was. Luckily, there was a group of not college age looking folks leaving the parking garage at the same time. I decided to follow the guy in his mid-60's wearing a blazer, a mock turtleneck and a pair of vans. It was definitely my lucky day. Will-Call had our tickets and we enjoyed our great seats and our show.

1 comment:

abigail said...

I think any day you see a guy in his 60's wearing a blazer, mock turtleneck and a pair of vans is a lucky day.

but this one sounds EXTRA lucky! hurray!