Monday, February 2, 2009

Drying Management

Here you go Brandon....pots hanging out under plastic.

I'm just about done catching up with the pots that have been hanging out under plastic since Thursday.  I'm at the "lost in the studio" phase right now.  I have a few more pots to make for this firing.  A few of them orders and a few of them pots for specific spots in the kiln.  I'm having trouble getting it together in there.  

I'm somewhere between close to be ready for Baltimore and close to having a freakout that I will never be ready.  It's still a few weeks away but it's school vacation week just before I leave for the show.  I'm trying to get the firing done and any booth work done ahead of time so I actually have that week off with the kids.    We'll see.  Like I said...I'm just about caught up with what needs tending to right now.  I'm hoping to throw some decent pottery tonight.  

I'm heading down to NYC tomorrow to catch a NY Rangers Game at MSG with an old friend. I'm taking the train down from Providence which will be nice and Penn Station is a pretty convenient place to end up considering our plans.  

As soon as I find my brain in the studio I'll start getting some more regular postings back up here...perhaps I left it under some plastic somewhere.


abigail said...

I had started to wonder if you would ever blog again.

A Swedish composer friend of mine likes to say that creating is seasonal. In the fall you research, in the winter you absorb, in the spring you produce and in the summer you rest.

don't know if it's true, but it certainly makes me feel better when I am less than productive in the summer, fall and winter. :)

Go Rangers!

brandon phillips said...

pots under plastic for days....what heresy. the kiln gods will get you for that.

Keith said...


i like the idea of seasonal work but i'm sure i'd find a way to waste the spring away. maybe because of the tourist season here i messed up my creative clock...working like crazy in the summer only to realize i should have been resting. seasonal blogging on the other hand....i should stop doing that.

brandon...i should probably just cover my kiln with plastic until the middle of february so the gods don't get too jealous of what's happening in the studio.

i think i'm down to just 2 or 3 pieces hiding now....until i make a few more tonight.