Friday, February 27, 2009

Cape Cod Potters Show

Tonight is the opening of the Cape Cod Potters show at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.  Thanks to our juror Dan, I have a few pieces in the show.  It's mostly my older salt-fired work.  I hadn't finished my new reduction ware before the application deadline.  I had to track down most of the pots from my clients and spent a good day or two breaking into their summer homes to find the pots....with their permission....I think.

These two were supposed to be in the show as well but I couldn't track down the owners in order to have them shipped....bad luck.  

It should be a nice reception tonight.  A lot of people have been working hard for a couple of years to get this show organized at the museum and it will be nice to get together with fellow potters.  There might even be a few fellow potter/bloggers there as I still get to call myself a blogger with the lack of posting?

1 comment:

abigail said...

I love those covered jars, especially the striped one.

have fun tonight!