Thursday, August 6, 2009

Packing Day

The gallery full of boxes...
The house full of least the first floor.

The movers are here packing up everything that we didn't. Evangelina has been a packing monster in the house. Yesterday I finally got up the nerve to enter the studio and figure out what's coming and going. Yeah, yeah....last minute as usual...what can I say, I'm a potter, right?

I had packed up most of the gallery but left a few larger pieces for the movers to pack. We're pretty much set in the gallery. All of my new and current work is coming. All of my older work and seconds will stay here for a seconds sale next summer up here.

The studio was a little more complex and is still a mess but I'm making some progress. I unhooked the electric kiln yesterday and it's ready for the truck. My wheels are clean and ready for the truck tomorrow. My nice metal shelving is ready to go on the truck. The bats as well as the throwing and trimming tools are ready to go. I really only want to bring the essentials. I have accumulated way too much junk over the years and I don't want to repeat the same mistake in Austin, let alone, spend money moving it. Once I find the space, all I'll need to do is build a wedging table and a nice work table and I'll be ready to go.

Tomorrow I'll clean and organize the studio so that I can then figure out where all of my dry materials are going as well as whatever big stuff I'm leaving behind.

The moving truck comes tomorrow to pick up everything. Then it's one last weekend on the Cape before I hit the road Tuesday morning.

Yeah...The goodbye post is coming....I promise

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abigail said...

Is it weird that I'm a little jealous?

It's a pain, but moving is exciting. a new start, a fresh place, an adventure.