Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You

I've been putting off this post until the last minute. Those of you who know me well probably won't be surprised to hear that I've been procrastinating. Today is my last full day on the Cape as a "year-rounder" and in classic Cape fashion, it's cloudy, grey and foggy.

I'll be spending the day loading the mini-van, taking Javi to his tennis clinic, getting some beach time in with everyone(if it clears) and enjoying a great cookout at my folk's house(what am I cooking Dad?).

Today feels awfully strange but I'm trying not to think about the actual saying goodbye thing. Here's a little note that will be on our gallery door and posted up to our website shortly:

Thank You All
After 12 years on the Cape I want to thank everybody who supported us through the years here at Kreeger Pottery. Many of you have seen my work grow from the very beginning. You have also seen the gallery expand from an extension of the studio to become one of the premier contemporary craft galleries on Cape Cod. It has been so nice to meet you all and get to know you through the years. We are honored that we became a part of your summers for so long.

For those that don’t know, we are relocating our studio & gallery and moving to Austin, TX. We’re excited to make the move but saddened to leave the wonderful support you all have given us through the years.

I hope that you enjoy everything that you have gotten from us for years to come. Keep in touch and thank you for your many years of support.

You can view and purchase all of our current work at Check out the site and sign up for our email list online so you can keep up to date with us. I'll let you all know once I get the new studio up and running.

Keith & Evangelina Kreeger


abigail said...

reading this I was thinking about visiting you during your first summer there. and when Steven and I visited and you told us that Javi was on the way. And tickling Javi in the pre-remodel kitchen when he was a baby, and of our lovely visit last fall.
I was thinking about how great the shows you curated were, how diverse the artists included, and how great the gallery looked when I saw it last fall when it was filled mostly with your own work.
I kinda can't believe you're moving, and I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.
I'm really excited for you though, for what's next.
travel safely!

Bruce Christopher said...

Good bye for now, my friends. Come back soon and often... There is always a place for you here in our home and our hearts. We love you and your family, and will miss you so much. OUR Cape will not be the same without you.