Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sugar Creamers

Been a while since I've made any of these but I'm at the end of my throwing cycle and that's when I usually don't know what to make. I was working out a few design ideas in these four as I was throwing. Sequoia Miller has a new blog and he addressed that idea nicely the other day:

A great thing about making as a practice is that design and fabrication are interwoven. Our culture separates them for specialization (and wealth) but one reason why craft rules is that we can make things and think about them at the same time.

check it out here.

These sets will get some deco and then they'll head into the space being saved for them in the bisque which I'm planning to fire off tomorrow.
Here's that bisque. Almost ready.

Coming up next weekend is the East Austin Studio Tour. I thought I had planned ahead well but it's almost here. I'll mix up a glaze or two tomorrow and hopefully fire a glaze kiln on Monday.

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