Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art of the Pot

The Art of the Pot studio tour is this weekend! I'm now officially going to be hosting this year and can't wait for the tour to begin. We're all busy getting ready for it and our friend and patron Judy Gordon went on the local CBS affiliate's afternoon show with our wares to let everyone know about the tour. Pretty cool to make the news. You can see the clip here.

I'll be at Domy Books on East Cesar Chavez along with fellow AOTP Host Chris Campbell. We'll have guest artists Charity Davis-Woodard and Amy Halko along with us. For more AOTP info check out the website.

Tomorrow I'm picking up my friend Mark Shapiro. Mark is here for the tour as a guest artist at Claudia Reese's studio. He'll also be one of the speakers at the Pottery Confidential Lecture at City Hall Thursday night. More info here.

I'll try to get some pics up throughout the weekend. It will be more likely done on Facebook or Twitter but I'll see if I can at least get a few up here too.


abigail said...

I read that it's in the 90's in Austin so I'm not coming ;)
but I really look forward to photos and to hearing all about it.

Good luck!

Keith said...

I didn't realize it was going to cool down to the 90's.'s starting to get hot. I'll get some pics up and you'll have to come another time.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I really enjoyed our day at "Art of the Pot" and especially enjoyed meeting you, Keith, getting to visit with you a bit, seeing your work 'in person' and seeing your new work with the decals. (Don't tell anyone but i enjoyed the exhibit at Darby (is that the name?) the most!) We have enjoyed each time we've been to "Art of the Pot" but I think this was the best so far. Congratulations to all the Austin potters that made it happen. said...

Good luck with hosting your event! I've organized exhibitions before it can be quite nerve wracking!