Monday, August 16, 2010

2 Person Show at Blue Heron Gallery

First of all...Yes, I know it's been a while.

Clearly I should try to get back to writing again. I have big plans for the fall in the studio and I'd really like to make blogging an integral part of it. More on all of that need to bore you all(someone still checks this place, right?).

The important news is that my Two-Person Show opens at the Blue Heron Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine today! Ryan McKerley, my fellow Art of the Pot host, and I are having a show titled, Contemporary Porcelain Surfaces at the gallery which is located just down the road from Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. I was hoping to swing by and check it out but I'm starting my drive back to Austin tomorrow and I just couldn't rationalize adding another 13 hours of driving to the trip.

Here's to hoping this is just the opening salvo in a return to the blogosphere.

Up top are some of my SkyLine Mugs that are up at the show and pictured below is one of Ryan's bowls.


abigail said...

oh, hurray! I missed you.

congratulations on the show! Can't wait to hear all about your big Fall plans.

Keith said...

glad to know i still pop up in at least one googlereader inbox!

it's a busy fall...road trip home starts tomorrow so i can get back to reality.

TropiClay Studio said...

Yep! Still here! I like the skyline mugs- simple, understated, clean. Great news on the show! said...

Your mugs look great, congratulations on the show! Awesome : D look forward to the developments

Judy Shreve said...

congrats on the show & have a great road trip.