Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pixies, Snakes and Anniversaries

Well Evangelina and I made it to Number 9...Number 9....Number 9 and celebrated our anniversary last night. I had bought tickets to the Pixies as soon as I saw they were playing in Austin. Evangelina and I have slightly different taste in music. I'm an aging indie rocker who was skateboarded and playing punk rock in college...She likes Jimmy Buffett.

I was getting the feeling that she really didn't want to go to a show for our anniversary so I surprised her with a dinner at Hudson's on the Bend. They specialize in wild game and I'm not that adventurous of an eater but a good bottle of wine was enough magic snake oil (pun intended) to try their famous Rattlesnake Cake. Think Crab Cake but a little more cowboy. So, we had a fantastic meal with rattlesnake, smoked quail, seared duck, trout and a variety of other deliciousness.

I definitely got some good husband points for the surprise change of plans. And, at least one of our good friends was able to enjoy the show as I seem to be running a part-time ticket agency.

So now that we've had our wild game for the week we're off to Dallas tomorrow for a quick weekend without the kids. The Texas State Fair starts tomorrow so if we leave the poolside margaritas we may have to try some of this coronary inducing goodness.

Blurry Snake Photo from Maggie's Austin

And, since I forgot to post my Musical Tuesday here's a Pixies Classic that we listened to on the way to the restaurant last night...


Ron said...

Wow you are a good husband!! Sarah and I have different musical tastes too but she had a blast at the Pixies show. Of course it wasn't our anniversary, I'm sure she would rather have had a nice dinner out if that would have been the case. Good call. said...

Wow Rattlesnake! I've had buffalo before but I'm not sure that snake is a bridge too far for me. Hope you have a great weekend : )

Ultsemot said...

Wow, the Pixies. Perhaps the most over-rated band on the planet. They "Dolittle" for me.