Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Couple of Mugs

Fluted mug with Willy's Helix, Pinnell Clear on the inside.

I was playing around with some color on this one. I think a combo of a little dust and too thick of an application with the clear glaze caused a little crawling on the rim.

I love the white though and look forward to thinning the glaze out and using it again. Too bad I only have about 30 pounds of porcelain left. Something to look forward to in Austin I guess.


brandon phillips said...

are those from the oxid. firing? they look pretty sweet. that helix cup is awesome.

i've had problems with static clears crawling on turner porcelain(what i use.) runny/fluid glazes never crawled for me. my solution was to clean them with compressed air, only thing that worked for me.

Anonymous said...

couple of nice looking mugs... like the little red circles.

brandon, if you see this, you cleaned what with compressed air, the bisqued ware?

brandon phillips said...

yeah, porcelain bisqueware. i had problems with crawling, wiping the pieces down never helped but using compressed air i'm guessing got dust out of all the little nooks and crannies. it may have just been the body i was using...or perhaps some user error.