Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off to Orlando

My Sister-in-Law graduates from her fellowship program tomorrow and we're going down to celebrate with Evangelina's family.  We're coming back Saturday so it will be a very quick trip.  Evangelina's grandmother is coming in from El Salvador and it should be fun as we take her to see the sites.  She is intent on going to Epcot Center so we may be doing a little bit of tourist stuff.   

Oh, and what is my surgeon sister-in-law going to practice........Colo-Rectal Surgery!  
I hope the dinner conversation topics aren't work related.

We fly out of Boston mid-day while the kids stay here with my folks...Thank you!  Hopefully it stops raining because we're in the middle of torrential rainstorms right now.  

Map from Lonely Planet

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abigail said...

have a safe, fun trip!