Wednesday, October 28, 2009


One of the hardest switches down here is that since the studio isn't next door, I can't ask my wonderful wife to come by and help very often. Today, I needed the help to re-organize the studio and luckily...she obliged. We didn't change too much but we were able to make the studio flow a little better. We also created some space for finished pots...which means another trip to Ikea is in the works tonight to get some more display shelving. The East Austin Studio Tour is coming up in a few weeks so I do need to get my finished work out of the boxes and get the new work through the kiln.

Anyways, here's my main worktable with a view to the back of the studio. my office area is on the right by the chair and my lounge(ikea sofa) is on the left. Those boxes next to the sofa will be replaced by som bookshelves soon.
Here's another view to the back with some shelving visible. Apparently...shelving is supposed to be used to organize and hold stuff. The floor is not the correct place to put piles of stuff. Thank you sweetie!

Here are a few pots drying for the next bisque. Not sure how that polychrome piece will do but it may at least make it into the bisque.
Bisqued pots, ready to glaze which means it may be time to mix up a bucket of something.
Another bisque is already started. I'll probably fire a glaze afterwards...I'm used to cycling through for a larger kiln so I need to adjust to just make, bisque and glaze fire a shorter cycle but old habits are hard to break.


abigail said...

looks great!
you are a lucky man.

hope you get someone to sit in the studio for you for a little while during the tour thing- seems like it'd be a great way to meet other artists and see what's going on in town.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

That's a very nice studio.

Maisie said...
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