Friday, October 2, 2009


These are my keys.

I need these keys to get into my new studio.

When I got to my studio this morning after my 20 minute commute, I did not have them with me.

I had to drive back across town, then back across town.

Damn it!!!

I didn't need keys to get into my old was at my house. I never got locked out of my old studio. I think I miss my old studio.


abigail said...

I once forgot my keys when I had my studio in Detroit (45 minutes commute each way) the day before I had to send stuff for a show.
I gave a key to someone else in the building which helped.

Bruce Christopher said...

Maybe you should remove the lock and install one of those fancy retina recognition devices. You'd be so cool.

Ron said...

that's a bummer. time to make a clay rock hide a key thingy.

Patricia Griffin said...

gotta admit, this kind of thing happens to me quite often... always seems like it's always when I'm the busiest too