Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Decorated Platters

So the post below from Monday was supposed to be titled "Gone Fishing" but I forgot to put that in the email subject when I emailed the post in from the boat.  Blogger is pretty cool in that I can email a post in as long as my phone has service.  

We went fishing over near Monomoy Island off of Chatham.  My friend Pete has a boat that he finally got in the water.  We didn't catch anything but we were right in a pile of bait fish...unfortunately, the seals that live on Monomoy took care of that so that kept the bigger striped bass away.  Still, a bad day of fishing is a full day on a boat out on the water and I can't complain about that.  Next week I'm hoping to catch a ride on my friend Tony's boat and we'll head on out about 25 miles and try to catch some Tuna.  That is going to be fun...I've never gone out for tuna before.  

Back to pots....

Here are some platters and bowls that I decorated for either a reduction or a salt/soda wood kiln.  Depending on my timing they'll either go in my reduction kiln here or wait until fall when my friend Michael McCarthy is planning on building his new woodkiln.  Perhaps they'll make it in his inaugural firing.  

This one is about a 6 pound platter:

a deeper bowl...again....about 6-7 pounds of clay

a larger platter using the quarter trick....about 12-14 pounds of clay total.

a large bowl...about 12 pounds of clay.

I'm hoping that this decoration works well under my reduction glazes.  If it does I may have finally figured out how to make my work and not have to figure out ahead of time which kiln it's for...except of course, the earthenware.


Julie said...

I like those first three... they remind me of the hatching that architects/engineers use to symbolize earth. And they remind me of fields seen from the air. Fun :)

Julie said...

*definitely not hating on the last one, it just doesn't immediately remind me of anything!

Keith said...

thanks...the last one reminds me of my wife because every chance see has to decorate a pot it's covered in circles or polka-dots. i hope she's not upset that i'm stealing her idea!

Emily Murphy said...

I really like the image I have in my head now of writing blog posts on a boat. I must say, I'm a little jealous.

Keith said...

Yeah...It's probably the 5th time I've been fishing on a boat since I've moved here but now that I have a blog and a phone that I can post from I'll pretend that I'm on the water every morning!

Now...if I could only fish from my studio....that would be great....and I really would get there first thing every morning.

Bruce Christopher said...

I heard you caught some rays though! I'm on for the 20th.