Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pots from the collection

So...I haven't posted in so long I have nothing to really say.  I haven't gotten anything in the studio recently.  We've just been enjoying the past couple of weeks.  My brother and sister came up from NY with their spouses and kids so we had a great weekend with 7 grandkids playing together down the road at my parent's house.  It was the first time we have had everyone together since the two newest babies came around this past spring.  It was very strange....everywhere you looked there was a pair of kids doing something.

To at least give something interesting to this are a few pots from our house.  I guess I'll follow what is going on around the pottery blogosphere and open up the comments for the answer of whose pots are these?  And...why don't we just combine this with all of the political blogs I read as well and open up the comment thread to include any VP predictions.  Sounds like we'll know Obama's pick this weekend and McCain's right after the Democratic Convention.  Enough politics.  Back to pottery....enjoy.

Music night tonight here in the port.  If you're on Cape come check it out.  It's the last one of the summer and we have a great band out front as well as some pots on sale inside the gallery.


brandon phillips said...

toshiko takaezu, dan anderson, i'm not sure about the last one. looks like an old southwestern native america pot.

Keith said...

quick response and 2 out of 3. Go further south and back in time for number 3.

Michael Kline said...

Man, I wouldn't be making pots if I was on the Cape. This is the best time of the year, and after Labor Day it'll be even better. Dip in for me.
Still want to get my paella game on!



Keith said...

Thanks Michael. I'll take your note as permission to keep playing for another week or so. Can't beat the first two weeks after labor day either. And....the kids will be in school so the beach will be nice and quiet.

You gotta try the paella! Let me know how the mountain paella turns out.

Ron said...


Keith said...

right on ron.

my wife's family is from el salvador, as i've mentioned before. i was probably her first boyfriend who wasn't bored when her father started talking about mayan pottery.

anyways, i'm not sure what the legality is of owning these so we'll just hide it here in the comments of the blog. in el salvador it is legal to own them but they must stay within the country. needless to say they came here to the states when they moved here ages ago before that law was written.

my mother-in-law tells stories of being at the beach and just finding piece after piece and just playing with them...using the dolls for games and throwing them in the water. times have changed and now just about everyone down there is proud of their own little collection.