Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back in Bisque

New York was great.  The kids are at a fun age so we're able to do lots stuff now when we get places.  We made it to lunch over at Walter's....and as usual it was so good.  Then we took a little trip down memory lane and drove by the house I grew up in and then headed out to Manor Park and the kids climbed on all of the rocks that I climbed on as a kid.  Then it was off to get some ice cream in town and get some back to school shopping done.  Everyone got a new back to school outfit.  Everybody is starting something new next week so we're trying to get really excited about it.  Javi is starting kindergarten, Ale is starting at the Salt-Box School 5 days a week and Clarita is going to the Bunny Den at the Family School twice a week.  The plan is to have some very productive Tuesdays and Thursdays but we'll see what happens when it comes down to reality.  

I'm trying to get a firing done before Labor Day but it's starting to look like the Wednesday after is more likely.  Today is bisque day and glaze inventory day.  I know I need to mix up a few glazes and I want to try a blue celadon on those new platters.  Well, they were new when I made them about a month ago.  Maybe I'll even take a look and see if I need any glaze ingredients before I start mixing so the round of phone calls looking for a spoonful of copper isn't necessary this time.  

Evangelina's mother is coming in today from Houston which is great because the kids haven't gotten to see her since May.  I'm sure a trip to Fort Hill is in the works as a field trip. to figure out what glazing needs to be done.  It's also time to stare at that big planter I made over a year ago and try to remember how I was going to glaze it.  


brandon phillips said...

i was thinking of ac/dc's back in black but substituting back in bisque. hehe, man i'm lame.

Grokodile said...


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