Sunday, August 3, 2008

Video Time

Here's my first video.

I thought I would do a quick(time) movie of me putting the two sections of a pitcher together.  It turned out to be a little longer than I had planned.  I also probably went a little overboard on the transitions and titles using iMovie.  

I hope it's not too big a file and it doesn't clog up anyone's intertubes.  

I'll make the next video a little shorter.


Kyle Carpenter said...

nice video. keep'em comin'. you have a captive audience. nice pots tooo!
-kyle in asheville

ang said...

nice epic video thanks..

Keith said...

thanks was fun playing around with the movie...i'll work on the editing to make it go a bit smoother next time.

nice to hear from the two of you!


Anonymous said...

Good job Keith! I just found your blog... at 49 1/2 I finally realized what I want to "be"... a potter! Your work is amazing. I look forward to reading/learning more from yourself and others.