Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Batter Bowls

Still working on the porcelain stuff. Along with the switch to electric firing is the switch to porcelain. I've always dabbled with it but it's an adjustment to have it be my only clay. I'm starting to enjoy it a little more and the forms are starting to come together. I made a few batter bowls the other day and they got handled up today.
The clay doesn't stay put like I'm used to with stoneware so hanging these handles upside down is letting gravity work with me rather than against me. We'll see how much strain was put on those microscoping little particles once the drying begins. I'm hoping they stay put.

Today is my half day of work because of a ridiculously overscheduled afternoon for the kids....of course, they all go in different directions. At some point I'm hoping to make it back here after dinner for a productive evening. We'll have to test the nighttime commute at some point. That will most likely be tested as we get closer to a deadline. I have a few things scheduled for the fall but they all seem distant now.


Anonymous said...

hi keith, i remember when i made the transition to porcelain. it is less cooperative with certain things that's for sure but it will be interesting to see your final work with it. are you going to ^6?

Keith said...

sorry for the late reply jim, i'm going to start with cone 9 electric but i may switch at some point to 6....i can't handle too much change all at once.