Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Visit From an Old Friend

Thanks to my good friend Bruce, my Soldner foot pedal has been rescued from a deserted studio on Cape Cod. I got my Soldner wheel when I first opened up my studio on the Cape and it quickly replaced my Brent as my main throwing wheel. Subsequently, my Brent became my trusty trimming wheel which gave me the luxury of not having to clean the wheel between throwing/trimming/throwing.

As I mentioned earlier, the Soldner Wheel made it onto the truck but the pedal missed the ride down. I figured, it's 12 years old and I might as well look into getting a new pedal. I quickly learned that a replacement pedal was $531 and I also quickly sent Bruce on a scavenger hunt to find the pedal wherever I had left it.

I returned home from taking Javi to a tennis lesson yesterday evening and found a box had arrived with my trusty pedal....I'm looking forward to getting some pottery made on my trusty old wheel. Thanks Bruce!

And as a bonus...that wasn't the only package that arrived yesterday. Abigail sent down a fantastic care package from Michigan full of pickles and jams made with her crop from her super-garden. Can't wait to try it all! I didn't have the camera with me this morning so the pics of the deliciousness are going to be posted shortly.


abigail said...

I'm so glad both packages arrived!

Bruce Christopher said...

Glad you got your stuff OK. I"ll go snooping around the old studio any time. (btw, I've opened up a self-serve pottery stand in Brewster - selling half-done pottery and seconds cheap!)