Monday, September 21, 2009

Working Through It

I feel like I'm slowly moving from making random objects towards entering a working cycle. I think it's partly due to the move but also partly due to the fact that it's been months since I've made new work. I made some monster cappuccino/latte cups that I was planning on "squaring" up but just couldn't bring myself to alter them when the time came to. There are a couple of squared mugs hiding behind the biggest of the latte cups.
I also made some bowls and batter bowls because when things aren't flowing as you'd like them to, what else is there to make besides bowls?
Here are a couple of those small test vases from the other day with some incised lines. I didn't have wax so they didn't get my normal treatment. I'm sure I'll figure out how to get those patterns to stand out under the glaze.

And finally, here's a group of random objects that have came off of the wheel Friday.

The electrician was here today measuring things out and getting everything set so that later this week he can hook up the disconnect box. It won't be long until I have a kiln operational.

I've tried a few different porcelains so far and as of now I'm most happy with the least convenient...for me. Matt & Dave's Clay has been really nice. I'll leave the detailed analysis up to the porcelain pros like Jim & Jeff. There is a clay supply about 5 minutes down the road from my studio which I was hoping would have a clay body that I would fall in love with but that hasn't happened. It will be convenient though since steady readers of the blog know that I am sometimes without the main ingredient of a glaze while I mix up a batch. On the Cape that was a slight problem since the closest clay supply was 1.5 hours away. I still have yet to try Coleman Porcelain that a clay supply in San Antonio carries. I would assume that by next week I'll have a decision made as to which clay body I'll stick with for a while. Matt from Matt & Dave's has been very helpful in figuring out a cost effective way to get a larger amount of clay down here so it is still a likely option I'll end up with that clay body. I don't particularly mind paying a premium for good clay, I mean seriously...are material costs our main issue as functional potters?

Well, tomorrow I'll be finishing those bowls and getting handles on those cups and then it's time to settle into a cycle...won't be long now.

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Linda Starr said...

I haven't tried Matt & Dave's clay, will do that once I get moved, but I did like Windsor Porcelain from Laguna. One of my potter friends liked it for throwing too.