Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm still trying out clays and testing my surroundings. I made a short run of small flat bottomed bowls this morning and because of the a/c in here I'll be able to finish them up before I head home this evening. (sorry about the blurry pic)

I was also trying to work out some new variations on little vases and I decided to go the Michael Kline route and make some 1 to 1.5 pound versions. These will probably get a little bigger but not much since I don't have my big gas kiln to fill any longer. Something here will probably evolve into a small bud vase, something I haven't really made in years.
So many new things to get used to. I think the smaller kiln will be nice as I'm able to work through the cycle a little quicker than I'm used to.

The other thing I realized was something that I twittered about earlier today. Until now I've been able to sneak into the studio quite easily over the weekend. Spending 45 minutes in the studio putting some handles on mugs on a Sunday while the kids did a project was a no brainer. With my studio across town I no longer have that same luxury. I feel like I may be complaining a little too much. I've got a few hours left to get something done so I should do that.

I'm sure that coming in here next week will go a little more smoothly than things went this week.

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