Wednesday, July 30, 2008

more pots in progress

I got some good work done today even though it reached 85º inside my studio without any sort of breeze.  Maybe I'll figure some sort of A/C thing out next year.  It's almost August now so too late to think of any solution.  I'll just try to get more work done in the morning and not bake in the studio in the afternoon.  I did sneak a nap inside the house with the A/C around 3pm and that was perfect.  

Here are a few pitchers that I just finished up.  I made them with a technique that I haven't used in a while.  It came to my studio via Michael McCarthy...I'm not sure if he still makes his pitchers this way...maybe just his larger ones.  Regardless, I like the control you get with it.  It works especially well for larger forms.  These are a decent sized pitchers.  It's been so long since I made these pitcher forms that I found myself humming the Wilco song, "Someone Else's Song" during most of the day.  But...I made they're mine.  As a side note, Wilco was I think the last true and great show that I have gone to see.  It's so long ago that it's embarassing.  It's time to see a good show again...I guess that will happen when we move to Austin.  If it doesn't there then it's time to shrivel up and accept the fact that I'm getting old.

Back to pottery....I made them in two sections.  In the heat of mid-day I made the bases, which were about 3 pounds of clay.  They stiffened up until about an hour ago at which point I threw the top section and made the spout.  I'll tweak the spouts in the morning and perhaps they'll get their handles tomorrow as well.  It's more than likely that the pitchers will enjoy some time under the plastic while I avoid the handles and make more pots and run out of shelving space and table space.  That's when I'll realize that it's time to get some handles on and get them out to the kiln shed.  Bad habits are hard to break.

I have a couple of larger pitcher bases under plastic now.  I'll take some pics tomorrow a clearer how to post if anyone is don't have a choice.  I'll post a how-to tomorrow.

Here are 3 of the urns that I made that I talked about earlier.  I trimmed through the bottom of one of's been a long time since I've trimmed vertical forms.  I did want these pots to have a more refined foot and a more classical feel.  I think they worked out well. 

Well....more pots later.  Off to cool down and give the pitchers a little time to set up before they get their plastic.

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