Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Way Behind Schedule

I still haven't photographed the bags.  They got here yesterday but the shop was closed and the kids were home from camp so I spent the day taking them to tennis class, lunch and swimming....then back for some more tennis...then finally some thai food takeout and off to bed.  

Today I'm going to shoot the images of the bags and with Evangelina's help it will hopefully go pretty quickly.  Then maybe I'll be able to break down the setup and get my studio back.  

We have some friends from Houston coming in today through Monday so I'm not sure how much work I'll get done while everyone is here.  If I do finally make anything I'll get something posted.  Until then, it will probably be slow posting.  Maybe, I'll do a little "influences" post later today like Kristen has been doing.

I'll update this post once I get the Recycled Sailbags up on the website.  It's a nice batch this time.  Some nice color and some cool designs on a few...including another "pirate" bag.  We just sold out of our last bag over the weekend so it's good timing to get this delivery.

Sail Bags are in the gallery and online at our Website.

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Bruce Christopher said...

Shooting can be a drag. I just got done with those dreaded vitamin bottles. Remember them? I started that project months ago. It was really tough because the bottles were glossy white and the labels were matte. I ended up taking it outside. Just remember, everything goes better with beer.