Monday, July 14, 2008

Time to start blogging...and making pots again.

I forgot how hard it is to get into the studio in the summer.  There are two rules to Kreeger Pottery in the summer.  First, whatever time I make lunch is when the gallery is busiest.  If I make lunch at 11am the door buzzer goes off at 11:02 and then it stays busy for about an hour.  If I have a late lunch around 2 I'm busy in the shop from 2:03 until 3 or so.  

Rule number 2 is, as soon as the 2nd or 3rd piece in a series is on the wheel...usually around the middle of my second pull, someone comes in.  It's been a slow morning here in the shop but I've been running around doing errands and dropping kids off at camp.  I'm going to try to get into the studio shortly and get some stuff made.   

I still have the photo setup on the table from last week.  We're waiting for our order of Recycled Sail Bags to get here and I was going to try to wait and photograph them before breaking it down.  But, I think I need my table back so I can fill it with pots.  Which means, following the Kreeger Pottery rules, that as soon as I break it down and make my second pot the package will arrive.  I think it's time to find somewhere for a permanent photo setup somewhere.  I seem to be constantly shooting work to get it up on the webstore.  

Well, I think today is back to high-fire for a week or so once I clean up in there.  I want to see if some of the slipwork I did with the earthenware will translate to the reduction kiln.  Maybe one day soon I'll be a fully integrated operation here between salt/wood/soda/gas-reduction/electric-fired earthenware/gas-fired earthenware/etc...  

Doesn't sound likely.  I am the type of potter who continuously makes things harder for myself.  As soon as I figure out the solution to my latest problem I seem to create another step in the process.  

If I get some pots made today I'll update the blog....if not....hopefully something starts happening in the studio soon.

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Jen Mecca said...

Your last post was very funny with the shoe..I do stuff like that all the time and think I must be the only knuckle-head out there. I'm so happy to see there is another one way up the eastern coast line. Jen