Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tomorrow is Glaze Day

The bisque is cooling and I just mixed up a few low-fire glazes.  Guess what.....?  I forgot to get copper with my last order.  I'm hoping that my friend Dave is around tomorrow so I can go grab some for a green glaze.  Smart....I know.  I should probably just order some copper soon.  I'm going to be ordering some clay in the next week or two...can somebody please remind my to do a little glaze material inventory before I put that order in?

Today was basically a family day.  I got to spend some time on the beach with Javi playing wiffle-ball and frisbee while the girls took a nap.  They came down to the beach later and we all played and swam a little bit.  It was a pizza picnic dinner when we got home.  The last of the pulled pork went to Randy and Brian who missed out on the initial dinner.

Well, tomorrow it will be time to unload the bisque, wax some pots, screen some glazes and hopefully get everything glazed up and right back into the electric kiln for my first ever low-fire glaze load.   

I'll try to get some pictures up as the work progresses tomorrow.  If you haven't already, check out the results from Michael Kline's latest wonderful firing. 

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