Monday, April 27, 2009

Back To Work....

First of all, I apologize for the typos in any posts from vacation.  My iPhone typing skills are apparently not quite as good as I thought they were.

Anyways, I should have spent the day mixing a celadon and glazing what's left to get into the next firing.  I was going to....and it was even a beautiful spring day to mix glazes outside.  We don't get many of them on the Cape.

I put that off but instead of wasting the day studio-wise I actually made a few pots in that dirty red stuff again.  I don't think that I've thrown with it since last summer.  I was actually forced to make new pots.  When I dropped of Ale at school today her teacher asked me if this week was going to work out as we had planned.  I hope I hid my surprise at that question as I tried to remember what we were planning for the week.  Oh yeah....they have a fundraiser coming up and I told the school that I would make something for the 4 year olds to decorate.  I figured earthenware would be best for this project so I threw a couple of large bowls that will get some slip and some kid's handprints all over it that will be sold at the school auction coming up next month.  

While I was dirty and red I decided to make a few planters since it's spring and it seems as though the planter theme has been going through the pottery blogging world.  I made a bunch of 3lb. planters (squared and not squared).  I'm not quite sure what kind of deco they'll get...or if they'll even get any.  Tomorrow I'll make a few larger ones and then get back to glazing.  I've been putting off this firing for long enough and I have a few orders that need to get to their homes.  

Pics of red stuff down below...more on the trip and Austin studio thoughts later....

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