Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heading Back Home

We just boarded our JetBkue flight and Javi is already watching the little tv. Nothin clay related happened this trip but the point of this trip was to find a neighborhood and maybe a nice rental. I fully envisioned having to come back down next month to keep looking for a place. We lucked out because we found a place better than we could have ever imagined and can't wait to get back down to live. Although the July and august heat will be quite a shock.

Now it's back to spring at home and figuring out the process of moving. What part of the studio is coming, what is staying and what is getting sold. Pretty soon I'll be putting some equipment on the market....stay tuned.

There wiki probably be a few more vacation related posts before it's back to the studio. Well...time to pretend I don't know the single mom sitting next to me with 3 kids who look just like me.

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Taylor said...

Hey, hey, hey. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Austin is going to be great and happy to have you. Be patient in the traffic, though.

I'm from down in Rockport TX, but I make the trip up to Austin to see my sis-in-law.