Friday, April 10, 2009


Much to Brandon's dismay a lot of my work spends a good deal of time under plastic.  Here's a typical journey.  

1-After being thrown, live under plastic....these actually only spent 1 day being asphyxiated.  Sometimes 3-4 days is needed.

2-Let them breathe.
3-Pick one perfectly leather-hard specimen.
4-Miraculously attach a handle to porcelain.

5-Is a hidden step...they went back under plastic for a day...come's porcelain and a handle...I had to.

6-Get some black slip and design away....


abigail said...

two posts in one day! It's better than an easter basket!

brandon phillips said...

wait until you get to texas and find out that clay dries too fast even under plastic. what a treat you'll be in for. sweet handles, and i like the porcelain, its purdy.

Linda Starr said...

Gee I have to keep some stuff under plastic for weeks. Love the slipped cups.

Anonymous said...

great step by step, i've got brandon's problem in the winter and in the summer they won't dry because it's so humid.

Keith said...

Brandon, it hot in Texas already? 45º here today. We're heading to Austin on Saturday for a week's vacation and looking for a place to live. I'm thinking I'm going to be in shock but not as much as moving down in August.

Linda & Jim,
Nice to hear from you. I think I'm going to either have to change my working style or make my studio one giant damp box when I get to Texas...I could always move to Houston and that won't be a problem though.