Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look....No Plastic!

Well....almost no plastic.  I had to put as few planters under the influence the other night so that I could slip them yesterday.  

We've had a beautiful couple of days here so my pots have been enjoying some quick-dry time in the backyard.  I guess I better start practicing for Austin....I won't be able to get away with making mugs one day and getting handles on them a week later.

Here are some slipped and incised planters.
These are a couple of fluted hanging planters....I may make a few more of these today.  I can't decide what I think of the cone shape....stand on your head and imagine them hanging to get a sense of what they'll look like finished.  I guess I could have flipped it in iPhoto....sorry.
Some earthenware bowls...made 'em this morning and will trim 'em about that?Some bone-dry planters are in the background.  Yep...made them yesterday and they're bone dry already!

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