Friday, April 10, 2009


I found some old pictures of our trip to Copan, Honduras from 2004. I had mentioned it in a post a long time ago. The museum store is where I got the two pieces that have inspired much of my recent work.  It was a motorcycle trip from San Salvador across 3 borders and finally Copan.  I wasn't riding myself at that point so I had to, with much humility, ride on the back of my father-in-law's bike.

Here's the crew that took the trip in front of the temple.
Here's an inside was actually hard to tell what was original and what was a reproduction....a lot of the most valuable pieces reside in Boston at the Peabody Museum at Harvard.  That museum, by the way, is a definite must-see if you're in town. 


abigail said...

I love the brick patterns and the faded colors on the carvings. (I'm not imagining them am I? don't tell me if I am, I like them.)

Anonymous said...

oh man... i love love love those glyphs, thinking about making my own but there's not much human sacrifice in my life so subject matter might be a bit more mundane

Keith said...

Aren't the bricks amazing? I'm glad I came across these photos.

Yep...faded colors...the temples were full of color at one point.

I think I'll stick to patterns myself instead of the sacrifice as well.

Side note: The most powerful king from Copan is called "Diez y Ocho Conejo" Somehow it never quite translated through 3 languages to get to the english...."18 Rabbit"