Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been using the black version of these potter's pens from Axner for a little while.  I've liked the fine lines that I can get.  They make different gauge tips for each.  I thought that I would try the Blue and Red versions and see how well they hold up in a Cone 10 Reduction firing.

Perhaps things will get finished up here soon and I can stop hiding in shame or on Twitter and get back to blogging.  


June Perry said...

I bought one of these but haven't tested it on bisque ware. I'm curious if you've used it on bisque and if it works.


abigail said...

hey! pots! lovely!

Keith said...


Yes, these are pics of the pens on bisque. They'll end up getting a coat of celadon shortly. The black pen has worked out well before like this.


June Perry said...

Great to know. Thanks Keith!