Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ready for Austin

Evangelina has gotten all of our summer clothes out as we get packing for Saturday's trip to Austin.

This is what Clarita has picked out to wear today. Diaper, check.  Hat, check. Ladybug raincoat, check. Ladybug boots, check. Ready to go!!!

She should fit it just fine when we move to Austin.

Keep Austin Weird, right?


abigail said...

I know I said that red headed kid at the Easter Egg Roll with the lady bug boots and fake fur trimmed polka dot coat had the best outfit ever, but I've changed my mind.

Patricia Griffin said...

Now there's a girl with some style! Love it!

Ron said...

You go Clarita!!!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie... the look on clarita's face says it all