Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clean Up Day!

Thanks to my 3 wonderful alarm clocks I was wide awake by 6:30 again. I've never been a morning person...don't think I ever will. I do find however, that when I do get started first thing in the studio I actually get work done. Crazy...I know. I've already emptied out a couple of cans full of junk from the studio. It's trash day here and I don't want to miss it. Now, it's time to clean up the gallery a bit. The question is...how do we get this place back to being the top contemporary craft gallery it is?

Now, this is what it should look like within a couple of days...(minus the old paint colors)

So, it's back to cleaning, mopping, sorting, organizing, storing and stuffing things away. I'm hoping to get some pictures of me actually making pots up here in the next few days. Before I can upload any pictures of the studio I'll have to clean it a little more....it's a tad embarassing how messy it is right now.

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