Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, I guess it's time to figure out Blogger.  I've been reading blogs for long enough, it's time to start blogging myself.  I'm getting ready to update my website and I thought it might be interesting to start blogging about what we're doing here at Kreeger Pottery.  I've been meaning to update our website for about 2 years but finally it's going to happen with a little....well, a lot of help from my good friend Bruce.  

Evangelina and I are eagerly awaiting the beginning of summer and we have some great work coming into the gallery.  We should be opening in about two weeks.  I have a bunch of good work left over from getting ready for CraftBoston and a ton of ideas for some new work.  I am actually out of clay in the studio, which I don't think has happened since I  got my first delivery in the fall of 1997.  

Tomorrow we hopefully get some new pages up on the website and maybe even a link to the blog.

After pots and new posts.  

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