Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting There

My studio has a floor again....well, one that's not made out of trimmings. First round of mopping is done. I always do the first round with a nice dirty mop. I'll put a new one on and mop the gallery, then it's back to the studio for round two. I might actually be able to make some new pots tomorrow. I found about 100-150 pounds of clay. Definitely enough to get started before my delivery comes.

Since I was able to upload pictures so nicely last post...here are a few more. The last couple were some ideas I had at the very end of my last cycle. They were thrown and assembled right before we went away for the weekend. When we got home I noticed that I had forgotten to cover them up. I wish I could say that it is the last time I'll do that....

I'll probably play around with those ideas early on in this cycle so I can work through whatever issues come up before I'm rushing to get everything done before Memorial Day Weekend. The problem is, I'm also planning on working on a bit of a larger scale. I'm going to be firing in the reduction kiln so I'll have a little more room than when I go out to fire Mark's gas kiln out at Stonepool Pottery.

So let's see, new ideas, a different kiln than I've fired in a while and a larger scale....should be an interesting session in the studio. I guess it's good timing that I started the blog.

Here are the pics:
first, a studio that has a clean floor. I think you can actually see a reflection from being freshly mopped. That's my trimming wheel in the back.

next up is my throwing area. the wheel still needs a littles freshing up.

here's my slab roller/junk storage area. don't miss the classic studio phone on top of the slab roller

these next two images are the pots i was describing earlier. we'll see if this work goes anywhere...

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