Saturday, April 26, 2008

Work is coming in.

My very first summer here on Cape, before I knew what I was doing, a couple of guys stopped in the gallery. They left their bikes outside and strolled around a little bit. We started talking about pots and I was surprised at how much they knew about the world of contemporary ceramics. I was still getting used to the fact that 1 out of every 20 people who came in was looking for a mug with "Harwich Port" written on it.

It turns out I had moved down the road from Randall Darwall and Brian Murphy. Anybody who knows a little bit about the world of fiber will immediately know the work. Anybody who has ever been to any number of the top craft shows around the country, or even London, Australia or New Zealand will picture how great their work is. Of course, I was a recent graduate of Skidmore College and I never really left the ceramics studio to venture down the hall to the fiber studio so I was pretty much an ignorant little potter when they walked in. In the years since I'm lucky enough to count Randy and Brian among my closest friends. My kids are even luckier, because they get to call them Uncle Randy and Uncle Brian. Javi asks after almost every visit, "where does Uncle Brian get all that silly from?"

They've been incredibly supportive of me, as well of the gallery since the beginning and now Evangelina and I are excited to have their work here in the gallery for the 3rd summer in a row. That makes us the only place on Cape to carry their work. And, if I can figure out the shopping cart function on our web server....we'll have it up online as well.

Well, they just dropped some work of for the season and here's a quick look at it. This flash/camera combo does not do justice to the colors in the work. I'll try to get some better images up on the website this evening. And if I ever figure out the shopping cart on the server...I'll let ya'll know.

With all of the work here....we might be able to get this girl dressed.

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