Monday, April 21, 2008


Thanks to a nice little program called dreamweaver and an even better friend named Bruce the site is coming together. I'm hoping to get at least part of it up by the end of today. I am slowly but surely figuring out how to work with dreamweaver....but nothing would have looked as nice if Bruce hadn't written the code for all these templates and links and all of this other stuff that is way beyond my level of computer knowledge. That's what I'm enjoying about works.

It's another beautiful spring day on the Cape. I have spent the morning in the family room, plugging away at the site. Javi has spent the morning by digging a huge hole next to the shed out back and then drawing quietly on the desk next to me. It's kind of nice, now that he is able to entertain himself so well. Perhaps, it is time to bring him back into the studio so we can work in there together. Oh yeah, the studio....the heart and soul of Kreeger Pottery. Time for another major clean-up. Before each working cycle I always tell myself that I'm going to work differently, that this time I will control myself, clean up after myself and stay organized as I work. After each cycle, I tell myself that next time I will. As I poked my head into the studio this morning I noticed that I still have trimmings on the floor and bins leftover from unloading after CraftBoston. I'm not sure when that delivery of clay comes, but if I don't organize my studio soon, I'm not sure where that 1000 pounds of clay is going to fit.

This time, I'm going to stay organized while I work....maybe.

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