Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting on with it.

As true to form if I actually make it into the studio first thing I can actually get some work done.  I just mixed up a couple glazes and I'm back the computer to figure out if I have enough silica to make one more.  I did have copper today but it's time to get an order of some of the basics together.  I'll screen the glazes shortly and then glaze this afternoon.  There's not too much to glaze but most of them are larger pieces which are always tough to figure out how to glaze.  And, I mean what to glaze them with and how to get glaze on them without spilling it either all over my studio or our backyard.  I'll try to get some pics later.  

I made one big bowl yesterday and I'll get a move on some more of those while I fire the kiln.  It's definitely going to be a session of bowls.  I've already got a few dozen balls of clay wedged up for some soup bowls.  So, between the soup bowls and the large bowls and platters I want to make I guess this will be a cycle with quite a bit of trimming. 

Time to figure out the silica shortage situation.


Ron said...

Hey Keith. Will be checking in to see the bowls etc.

brandon phillips said...

geez. its about time you did something. j/k of course. show us some pots!!!

Keith said...

yeah...i know. i've been slacking. i think that i underestimated end of summer burnout up here. if i ever make new pots you all will be the first to know.