Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm just sort of catching up on the rest of the trimming and decorating that I didn't finish over the weekend.  I've also been looking into some heat for the studio.  Since this is my last winter here I don't really feel like putting in a whole new system consisting of a new boiler and fixing whatever is wrong with the baseboard heat.  The quote I got was pretty large and since I won't be around to see any of the return on the investment it didn't make sense to pour money into it now.  I've been looking at some infrared overhead warehouse type heaters but I have low ceilings and I have absolutely no clue how much those cost.  I might take a trip to the woodstove store to look at wood/gas/pellet stoves for some options.  I guess I shouldn't have traded Mark a woodkiln for all of those firings a few years back.  

Anyone have any ideas for cost-effective heating solutions for this winter?  Last winter was spent with a space heater and clay that averaged 40º-45º isn't going to cut it this year.  Glazing wasn't too fun either. 

I got accepted to the ACC Baltimore Wholesale/Retail show so I need to have a productive winter.  My freezing cold studio definitely slowed me down last year.  But, it's not too bad because this is my last Northeastern winter as next year will be spent with some A/C on down in Austin.

Tonight we're off to Boston for our Anniversary.  Evangelina and I have never been to a game at Fenway and I thought, rather than go out for a nice about some hot dogs, over-priced beer and a baseball game.  I can't wait.  I don't follow baseball that closely but apparently with a win tonight the Sox can clinch a playoff spot.  Apparently, this year is either copper or wool for the gift....whoops.  Next year is pottery so that should work out well.


brandon phillips said...

i used to have a wood stove, it was awesome! kept the place nice and toasty. my new studio at home has really tight quarters so i never installed it there. pots always dried faster on the side facing the stove no matter how far away they were, that took a little getting used to. i bought mine at tractor supply company(don't know if you have those up there) for a little over $100(it was the cheapest one.)

abigail said...

I agree a wood stove would be great. friends of ours have a house smack in the middle of Wisconsin and use it to heat their house all winter. We visited them last March and even though we were hip deep in snow and it was colder than hell, it was almost too hot inside the house!
I'll ask them about it, and let you know if they have any advice.
have fun at the game!

Keith said...

yeah...i used to have a wood stove in the workshop to supplement the baseboard but i gave it to mark as part of a deal to use his kiln. this was back when my main heat source was working and i wasn't using the wood stove all that much. now i'm wishing i hadn't done that. on the other hand, wood isn't cheap out here but no heating fuel is anymore.

i still have the steel chimney so i may pick one up but the ease of a natural gas fired cast iron stove is awfully appealing....depending on the price. i already have a gas line close to where the stove would go so the install wouldn't be too bad.

i'm intrigued by the pellet stoves...the pellets are made of recycled wood chips and such and are pretty efficient but i'm not sure how much the stoves cost. it's going to be a thursday motorcycle ride to figure all of that out.'s off to fenway!

Bruce Christopher said...

Copper and Wool? Lets see... Copper tubing is essential to brewing beer and wool has been used in baseball caps for years... you're good.