Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a few....

I guess the food blogging will have to wait because the kiln is almost cool enough to unload and I have some actual new pots to write about.  It was a little cool at the bottom but everything except one pot looks like it got hot enough.

As I said earlier, because of the larger pots I didn't get a whole lot of pots in so I ended up using the rest of the space to test out a new glaze and some ideas.  I'm happy with the results...or at least as happy as a potter can get when one unloads a kiln.  Why is it that it's never good enough?  Do I expect every pot to work?  

The big pots and platters are still too warm in the back of the kiln so maybe this will be a double posting kind of day.  Here are a few pics to start off the day.

This is a bowl with the incised lines filled with black slip and it has a new what I thought was a blue celadon on it.  Even though the glaze isn't what I thought I like the result.

At the last minute I decided to glaze a couple pots with the black on it with a white glaze on top.  I cliché...but I like the result.  The circles are obviously done with wax resist.  I like this piece and I like how it relates to the earthenware wobbly vases which were made to relate to my salt-fired work.  
Evangelina has already "borrowed" this pot and put it to use.
Again, the celadon on the B-Mix body.  I really like this pot even though the glaze isn't what I thought it would be.  I'm glad that I have more decoration on my work than I used to.  If I was relying only on the glaze I'd be in some trouble unloading this kiln.  

I'm curious to see what happened in the back of the kiln.  I wonder if the celadon issue is a thickness of application problem, a firing problem or a mixing issue.  I haven't used a celadon glaze since the studio and college and I remember the glaze being so simple to work in the kiln.  I fired the kiln with a nice 45 minute body reduction and then left the kiln in a mild reduction for the remainder of the firing...I guess it was a Skidmore style firing.   Anyone have any celadon words of wisdom?  

More pots later today.  


abigail said...

no celadon words of wisdom, except that I always thought it was pretty reliable too. god i hate glazing.
but I like that pot that Evangelina borrowed!

brandon phillips said...

the reduction schedule is what i used. with blue celadons i believe thicker is better? i heard that somewhere. and the reduction has to be right on, like with copper reds. i did some blue celadon in college and it only worked on porcelain for me, though i guess b-mix is close enough?

i think the wobbly vases and the incising look fantastic, i think i'll have to have one of those sometime.