Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last night I set out to trim those large bowls and platters I made earlier in the week.  Problem was, I don't have a bat large enough to trim them on.  I really didn't feel like making a wet chuck for them since the bowls are fairly deep.  

So today I'll be borrowing a jig saw from my friend Ben and then I'll be out back making a couple new bats.  

If all goes well I'll trim those bowls , finish up some decorating, get a quick clean-up done so I can get a fresh start together for the morning and still have time to take a quick ride on the motorcycle.  That's pushing it though...that's a lot to get done for me on a Saturday and I would also have to either sneak on my bike out or get permission to leave Evangelina with 3 crazy kids during crazy afternoon time.  We'll see how it all goes.  Monday is our 7th would be nice to make it until then.

Once I decorate and trim I'll try to get some more pics up.


Bruce Christopher said...

Get her a bike for your anniversary... HAH! Want to get in real trouble and go fishing?

Really, though, happy anniversary!

Patricia Griffin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hey, thanks for the link on your earlier post to Susan's book... Seems like I have every book anybody would ever want/need on pottery, but I didn't have that one. Great resource photos!

Keith said...

thanks patricia,

I thought I had that book but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've always loved that series of photos.

we made it to today even with an afternoon ride the other day.