Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Favorite Tool

This is quickly becoming my new favorite tool.  It's been floating around my studio for about 6 months but I haven't used it much.  I've never been one for cutting or faceting clay but I'm enjoying squaring a whole lot of forms recently.  Until tonight I've been using the "shredder" to shape and "trim" the bottom of my squared forms.  Tonight while I was using it on the bottom  of my teapots I decided to flip the pots right side up and really square off the corners.  I think it worked well, although I went awfully close to too thin on one.  We'll check on that one in the morning.

Just about every supplier sells them now but if you haven't seen it here is the site.  

I've had a good weekend with the kids while Evangelina has had a great weekend down in Florida with her sister.  It poured down rain here the whole weekend.  I had big plans of working another couple of hours but that feels very unlikely now.  It seems to be a more remote possibility as I type.  

Tomorrow should be a full day in the studio as Evangelina gets back late tonight and Javi and Ale head off to school bright and early.

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