Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back To Work

This is the last purely political post in a while.  For those who are just looking for pots, I apologize for straying from this blog's title.  Although, much of went on here at Kreeger Pottery the last few days was about what was happening around this country.  I made some pots but my focus was on this election.  

I don't really know what to say.  I used up just about all of my emotions yesterday. Especially since I was working really hard to keep them in check so I wouldn't be disappointed. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo said that he emailed his wife at 9:12pm last night with concern about the race.  I'm glad he didn't share that on his blog or I would have started to really worry.

Personally, yesterday and today is much more than President-Elect Obama's victory.  I am hoping that this is a repudiation of the politics of tactics, of rumor, of fear and of division. Watching yesterday it was nice to know that this is still a participatory democracy.  This wasn't about populism...the amazing thing about Obama's campaign is that he allowed supporters to hope and to feel that working for him epitomized their own ideals.  

I am curious to see if Obama will govern as he campaigned, and I don't mean whether it will be a continual campaign.  I wonder if we who supported him continue to get emails and asked for help in fixing the serious problems affecting the nation.   If we are all included directly in the process I think that there is a chance of some greatness to come.  Instead of using a bully pulpit to talk through the television to the nation explaining what the government is doing we may see something very different.  Instead of seeing politics be purely about the parlor games of DC power circles it could be about what happens in DC and how people implement it directly. Think about it...if you were asked to help...would you?  

Pottery blogging resumes shortly.

Posts and Pics shortly.


abigail said...

If asked to help, I would. I am going to try even if I am not asked.

I don't know quite what to do with my day now. My feet feel broken and I have terrible blisters. but I am going to put on some flip flops and make some work.

or maybe I'll look at going to law school....

looking forward to the pottery posts!

abigail said...

btw, you are a very good writer.