Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had a typical after-firing response today.  I didn't really react at all.  Now that I had the day to absorb it all I'm feeling pretty good about the firing and ready to start glazing again this week to fire again by the weekend.  

Almost the entire kiln was celadon glazes over a variety of slip decoration techniques.  Just before I was done loading I found an Axner Potter's Pen with black slip.  I had never used it...I think I ordered it about a year ago and it sat on a shelf somewhere in the studio.  I tried it on the middle vase in the pic below as a test...pretty big test, actually.  I liked the result.  It's a nice fine line and some of the black bleeds through a little bit into the glaze...none of these details show up in these quick pics so you'll just have to believe me.  I think I'll play around with it a little more.

The black slip on the mugs below is incised to the stoneware clay below.  The pic makes it look a little plastic-like but these came out really nicely.
The celadon on these mugs is just what I was looking for.  I like the white slip/black slip/stoneware going on with these.

Another good white slip/incised with black slip/celadon glazed piece.

Here's the large platter that I made.  It fired to a little over 21 inches across and came out really nicely.  

Somehow I'll shoot new and better pics for the website in the next week or so.

Tomorrow is another morning of throwing some more small porcelain pieces for this week's firing and then hopefully by afternoon I'm off to prep for glazing again.  The goal is to load long as I'm firing the kiln by Sunday things will be out in time for CraftBoston.

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abigail said...

nice! i especially like the platter and the mugs with the vertical stripes!