Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coming Up

This is what's next on the agenda.

We'll be hosting a Trunk Show down in Rye, NY the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Along with my newest work, Randall Darwall & Brian Murphy will have their work and Michael McCarthy will have his most recent pots.  All of the details are on the Kreeger Pottery Website.

Randall Darwall makes truly amazing work.  His scarves, shawls and clothing are known all over the world.  The colors that he finds in those dye buckets of his are unbelievable.  

Michael McCarthy just fired the woodkiln out at Stonepool Pottery so he'll have some beautiful pots with him. 

Until then, I'll be spending my time catching up on office work and photographing my newest work.  I'll be uploading all of the new work onto our website right after Thanksgiving.  

We'll be announcing some awesome Web Specials in the Online Store for those of you who live too far to make it to the show.


Bruce Christopher said...

Did you guys get snow? We did!

Judy Shreve said...

I've just explored your blog & earthenware. It's fabulous & I - too - am just venturing into colored slips for surface decoration. Although I am working at ^6. There's a ^6 GA clay called Lizella that fires like a terra-cotta. I'm just testing it. I normally fire ^6 oxidation so all of my slips & glazes are formatted for that cone. I'm thinking if I can achieve the look I want at ^6 - the work will make through 'kitchen-abuse' much better. & I won't have to change everything to earthenware & lower temps.

I am inspired by your work. Thanks!

Keith said...

Thanks for the comments Judy. I haven't tried anything in the ^6 range...but that doesn't mean it won't ever happen.

I've always been a high-fire person but was intrigued about trying some red dirt. I might re-visit it this winter as I get ready for my next round of shows. I may be looking into ^6 next year because as we get ready to move to Austin, TX in August I have absolutely no clue what my studio setup is going to look like. I'm leaving a great setup here with a reduction kiln, an electric and friends close by to fire wood and salt with.

We'll see what's next.