Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still Cooling

While the kiln cools I'm trying to throw lots of small things to fill up the little spaces in the next kiln...more importantly...they need to dry quickly so I can cycle them through and fill up another bisque or 2 before Wednesday.

I planned on making some cups for bourbon but these are a little taller and might have lines that are a little too elegant for bourbon.  We'll have to find another function for them.  I thought of turning them into mugs but I want to play around with decorating the 4 sides of these guys.

Here are some little shot cups...they're all about 1/2 pound of clay or less.  I'll play around with glazes on these little guys....and it will be good to have something under $20 in my booth up in Boston.


doug fitch said...

Sweet proportions on these, very nice

Bruce Christopher said...

Hot Buttered Rum...mmmm... that woulg go niceley with these and you wouldn't need handles because you would want to warm both hands on the mugs as you drink. - Hey oysters tonight?